Energy and cost efficient filtration – in just one filtration process

We have been following the political and social debate about electricity and energy prices for a long time. In addition, the customers of our customers pay more attention to environmental protection and their ecological footprint. Of course, ROMFIL keeps an eye on these aspects and is constantly working on improving the energy efficiency of the devices. Filtering in just one filtration step, our systems are the most energy-saving crossflow filtration systems on the market. The long service life of the ROMFIL filtration systems enables companies to work with them for a long time and secure the investment made. In addition, the low residual quantity of our systems enables the highest possible output of your starting product.

As one of the few manufacturers of crossflow filtration systems, Romfil crossflow filtration systems are compliant with EU regulation 10/2011 on materials and objects intended to come into contact with food.

Depending on their wishes and needs, our customers can choose from various models of Romfil filtration systems from the Starter, Gentle or Industry Line. Starting with the entry-level model from the Starter Line with one or two modules, all Romfil Crossflow filtration systems are equipped with an automatic low-volume shut-off as standard. The Starter Line is equipped with Evoflux modules as standard. It has everything you need for crossflow filtration.

All other systems have a broader range of technical features. Depending on customer requirements and the need for protection of the product, they can be equipped up to fully automatic filtration.