The Romfil Ozone Generator BOZ ensures efficient, quick, fail-safe and cost-efficient sterilization. Ozone (O3) is one of the most suitable sterilization agents at all. It can be extracted from atmospheric oxygen and is therefore available everywhere.

After a short production period, the generator enhances the available drinking water with ozone. It is then fed to the sterilizer and rinser. Consequently, bottles are sterilized in only one single run before bottling. Subsequent treatment is unnecessary, so time and costs can be saved.

In addition, with Romfil Ozone Generators, unwanted manganese and iron can be removed from water. Those elements are oxidized by ozonization. They can then be removed with the appropriate filter.

Operator safety is certainly guaranteed at all times. Excessive ozone will immediately be destroyed and thus decomposes into oxygen (O2), which is absolutely harmless. There will be no hazardous waste water that would have to be disposed of.

Romfil Ozone Generators are low maintenance products and compactly built.

Romfil Ozone Generator