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Made in Germany

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Romfil Crossflow Filtration Technology
is one of the gentlest methods to clear a liquid

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In close collaboration with customers and specialists of renowned national and international institutions we are constantly developing and improving our systems. Ask for a demonstration.

What is Crossflow Filtration?

In conventional static filtration processes – such as sheet filtration or filtration with diatomaceous earth – filter plates or sediments are used for the clarification of liquids. All those methods are intermittent techniques. After a certain number of filtration processes the filter media are worn, they have to be replaced and subsequently disposed of. In addition to that a filtration by final cartridges are at any rate required.
With Romfil Crossflow Filtration Technology the disadvantages of conventional static filtration methods can be avoided. Its operation is easy, cost-effective and sustainable. Our customers produce less waste, save energy, operating time and manpower.


What are the differences?

When using Romfil Crossflow Filtration, the liquid stream is not lead in the reverse direction of the membrane, but along the membrane.

Schematic Romfil Crossflow Filtration
The porous surface structure of the hollow fibre membrane allows the filtrate to exit smoothly. In addition, a controlled, gentle and efficient backflush
procedure with the filtrate is carried out during the filtration process. Among other things, membrane blocking can so be excluded.

Filtration with Romfil Crossflow Filtration Technology allows for a longer service life of your system. In addition, neutral filter media are in operation.
Filtrate and filtration additives do not mix. Time and costs can be reduced.

Another advantage of the Romfil Crossflow Filtration Systems is a significantly
reduced filtration loss compared to conventional filtration methods.


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Did you know that Romfil systems are hand-welded in Germany? Every step in production is done here in Wolfsheim. Quality - hand made in Germany!

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